Tornado potato:

From a bite sized russian tornado chip, to the huge 40cm tornado potatoes. Ever had a chipdog/Tater Dog?

Tornado potato

Picture of tornado potatoes
- not a thousand words

40cm tornado potato chip bigger than girl

You can cut these potatoes into any length spiral. The standard spiral chips we sell in South Africa are with the 20cm bamboo skewers, any length skewer will work, as long as it is 5mm thick. For a hungry client, with money to spend, the chipdog option is becoming the favourite.

The photo on the left was taken from a South African TV journal program, where they've shown one of our 40cm tornadoes being eaten by a girl - the skewer as long as her arm.

These commercial potato cutters cut the tornadoes on the skewers, so there is no need to transfer the potatoes after cutting a tornado potato into a twister shaped chip/money maker.


Commercial Spiral cutters

With a simple design, this potato tornado cutter can cut a potato with a 95mm diameter(or smaller), and of any length. That make for some serious potatoes, but you'll only need a small medium sized potato for a 20cm skewer. If you can find bigger skewers, go for it. Then you'll just need to look into getting a long enough deep fryer to accommodate that size skewer.

Many of our clients use the small deep fryers that can be found at Game or Makro etc. They have a few of these electric deepfryers next to each other. With longer skewers, you'll need a bigger fryer.

Chipdogs/Tater Dogs - no more hotdogs

Chipdogs or Tater Dogs are the next big craze to hit the world. No more buns getting old as in Hotdogs, instead of a hotdog bun use a potato, then include a russian, frankfurter or sausage on the inside of the spiral cut potato? Basically, you cut the potato into a spiralled tornado, then remove the skewer and enlarge the hole in the centre of the potato. Once large enough, insert your choice of sausage and deep fry as normal. - So simple, it does take a little bit more time to prepare the uncooked chipdog - BUT you can charge more, and make more profit.
(This is not 'The death of the Hotdog' - only an extension of the hotdog family, the Chipdog or Tater Dog.)

And to make a Tornado Tater, just remove the skewer after cutting the potato, and deep fry the taters(Not to be confused with a butterfly tater).

For your own stainless steel tornado potato cutter - business, pleasure or both?

Johan +27 (83)571-2699 - Since 2003


Spiral cutter

Spiral potatoes in deepfryer

Chip being cut in potato cutter
  • Business opportunity

  • Expenses per potato
  • +-R1,50 (+-US$0,21)

  • Selling price per potato
  • +-R10 (+-US$1,42)

  • More than 500% profit possible

  • Actual Weight = 1,6kg
  • 250 x 20cm Skewers = 0.7kg
  • 250 x 40cm Skewers = 1,4kg

  • Johan +27 (0)83 571-2699

Investment amount

  • Worldwide (ON HOLD 2020) -
  • Cutter: Only USD99(EUR77)
  • 1 x Stainless steel/Aluminium tornado cutter
  • 2 x 20cm bamboo skewers as samples included
  • Postage and Insurance
    to Europe = EUR35
    to rest of world USD55
  • OR use your own couriers
  • Payments ONLY via PayPal
  • See list of countries that can be insured via the South African Post Office
  • See Countries that can be insured - PayPal orders here

  • Total: Cutter/Postage/Insurance
    to Europe = EUR112
    to rest of world = US$154
    Worldwide all inclusive insured with SAPO
    (Confirm Your Country 1st)

  • In South Africa -
  • 25 x 20cm bamboo skewers included
  • With Postage/Insurance = ZAR799
  • extra 250 x 20cm skewers ZAR60

Tornadoes - uncooked tornado dogs

ChipDog cutter(same machine).
For step-by-step photos of how to make spiral fried potatoes and info on order/payments via your bank,
visit the Tornado chip cutter PHOTO page
Quoted from the New York Times: 20/7/2008
"For revolutionary food, one must hit the streets. At a stand in busy Myeongdong(Seoul, South Korea), I tried the tornado potato, a single spud carved into a helix of starch, then skewered, deep-fried and sprinkled with salt and powdered cheese..."